Sun Fast 3600

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 is perfectly adapted to solo, doublehanded, and crewed regattas and able to compete in both inshore and offshore races.

A boat like the Sun Fast 3600 is all about performance, and with its powerful sail area, high-aspect deep keel, fixed sprit, and the option of flying either an A-sail or symmetrical spinnaker, the boat has speed to burn. This eye catching boat lives admirably up to the reputation and expectations that go before it with Jeanneau’s previous Sun Fast models.

Race results to date, both in fully crewed and short-handed races, are impressive and demonstrate this boat is competitive under the IRC handicap rule.


Sail Wardrobe

  • Short Handed Mainsail, Full Batten, Carbon/Technora 18.600 dpi, 2 Reef, Tff/Tff, + batten cars,
  • J2/3 Medium/Heavy Weather Jib, 1 Reef, Carbon/Technora 16.800 dpi, Tff/Tff 2016
  • J1 Light Jib, Carbon 12.600 dpi, Film/Film 2017
  • Storm Jib, Cross-Cut Radialpatch, Orange 9oz 2017
  • Windseeker, Polyester 0,5 oz 3 2017
  • A0 (Rated as Spi in IRC and ORC), Tri-radial Cut, Furling 2017
  • Spi Asy A1.5 Runner, Tri-radial Cut, SuperLite Kote SK 75-120 2017
  • Spi Asy A3 Reacher, Tri-radial Cut,  Super Kote SK 120-200 2017



  • Winner Palermo-Montecarlo x2
  • Winner Roma x2
  • Winner Lunga Bolina x2


  • Winner Giraglia Rolex Cup ORC x 2
  • Winner 151 Miglia ORC x2
  • Winner Lunga Bolina IRC x 2 e ORC x 2



  • Les Voiles de St Tropez
  • Rolex Middle Sea Race


  • Roma Per Tutti
  • 151 Miglia
  • Rolex Capri Sailing Week
  • Rolex Giraglia
  • Palma Vela
  • Palermo Montecarlo
  • Tour de Corse a la Voiles
  • Rolex Middle Sea Race